WUCA was established in February 1937 as the Associated Public Works Contractors of Greater Milwaukee, forerunner to the Wisconsin Underground Contractors Association.   The original articles of incorporation stated that the purpose of the association was to promote the business of the individual members and to advance their mutual interest, cultivate friendly relations and cooperative effort between members, participate in matters of civic betterment and welfare, create harmony between its members and employees, eliminate unnecessary hazards to life and property, encourage the use of sound business practices, deal with bid specifications, and promote the betterment of the industry.

The Beginning

The Public Works Contract Labor Act (Walsh-Healey) passed Congress. It prescribed the payment of prevailing wages, limited the work week to 40 hours, and prescribed minimum health and safety benefits for contracts in excess of $10,000. On November 23, 1936 a group of Milwaukee area underground contractors got together at the local Elks Club to discuss the change in federal law and to consider the establishment of a contractor trade association.

Those first contractors included:

  • Alfred Freidricks, Wisconsin Sewer Construction
  • Walter Lazynski, Walter Lazynski Company
  • F.A. Goll, Sr., F.A. Goll Company
  • Alfred Dorst, S.W. & S Construction Company
  • A. Carle, Carle & Tomasini Construction
  • Milton Kroll, B.Wogikowski Company
  • Jacob Hohensee, H.Hohensee Company
  • Thomas G. Holton, Sr., T.G. Holton Company
  • Grant Hinkamp, G.R. Fehr Company

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